Whether it is residential, commercial or vehicle-  leave everything out, as this is purely organic open drawers on desk, open cabinets,  leave the toys out of the toy boxes so they get the the full benefit from being fogged.

Furniture and electronics are safe to stay put. Our Dry Fog technology doesn’t get anything wet, and the chemicals we use will not damage furniture, electronics, paint, or porous surfaces.

It all depends on the size of the job. A typical 2000 square foot space will take about 30 minutes to fog and about 30 minutes for fog to settle.

Pets can’t be in the room while we fog. But once we are done and  the room is aired out they can return to that room.

While Dry Fogging is an effective & affordable way to fight mold & mildew, unfortunately, our product alone cannot take the appearance of mold away.

Our corporate office is located in Charleston, SC and our dry fogging services are available in many locations. Not in our service areas? Contact us and let’s see how we can possibly help!