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Commercial Fogging


Our pure organic solution is safe in any space- we can dry fog any business large or small. 

The Dry Fog difference is that fogging is faster.  It can fill a 12×12 conference room in less than 10 minutes, which means minimal downtime for your business, all while keeping your employees and customers safe in their work space.

Dry Fogging is able to reach places that typical cleaning would not (ex. under a desk, drawers, any small crevice where germs can hide – from the ceiling to the floor). 

It is food safe and can keep surfaces clean for up to 7 days. 

Our Fogging clientele includes restaurants, salons & spas, clothing boutiques, gyms, dance studios and more.  Effective. Fast. Safe. 

We offer Bi-weekly, Weekly, Bi-monthly, & Monthly Packages

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Residential Fogging


“Home Clean Home” 

Having out of town guests?  Entertaining?  Are you an Essential Worker who wants an additional level of clean at home?

Dry Fogging creates a safe environment in all of your spaces.  We use a pure organic solution that cleans hard to reach areas and fabrics with no residue left behind. It is odorless and safe for your pets and children. Helps eliminate mold & mildew, whether it is coming from the air vent, carpet or walls. 

Effective.  Fast. Safe. 

Moving into a new home?  Contact us for our “Move In Special.”

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Vehicle Fogging


Planning a road trip? Drive for a ride share or food delivery company? Bringing home a newborn? Let us fog your car or RV!  Our plant based, organic antimicrobial solution is non-abrasive and safe to breathe in less than a minute. Every visible and hidden mold spore, virus or bacteria is trapped and eliminated.  

Effective. Fast. Safe.

We recommend this service for Boats and RV’s as well.

Find out where we are popping up next for a vehicle fogging! 

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A/C Fogging


In addition to our commerical & residential services you can add-on our “A/C Fogging”. Our organic, ultrasonic dry fog effectively cleans and eliminates mold & mildew in your duct work. 

Effective. Fast. Safe. 

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